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Date: 2007-05-28 10:19
Subject: Hello
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After a considerable period of lurking, and surfing the abundance of fiction and fanfiction available on line,  I started to leave some appreciative feedback.   This is fairly tricky, since either one is the 100th commenter with nothing more valuable to say than 'That was just so good!', or, at the other end of the spectrum: 'Hmm , I wish I hadn't read that, I'll just press the back button now.'

The first response seems fairly redundant and the second offensively unconstructive.  Yes I know about concrit, but as you all know that can be a very tricky business.   I have noticed that variants of 'the character names you are using seem to have no relation to any personal traits, motivation or speech patterns commonly ascribed to these characters.'  comments made by others do not seem to be universally well received. However there is a lot of room between these two extremes, and  in  reading and identifying authors and fandoms I like, unsurprisingly,  I started to enjoy related blogs.  

Since f-locking became more common I acquired an LJ account to enable me to continue reading some interesting journals.  RL is imposing some fairly unpleasant limitations at the moment, which is immensely tedious, especially for me.   As a result, and as RL contacts are unavoidably curtailed, I am relying more on the internet for contact.  I gain a lot by vicarious contact with the LJ community, and would wish to contribute, but at the moment at least, do not feel I have much of consequence to say on this journal.

Since a few people have kindly friended me (unfortunately this term seems to carry connotations of playground politics) it seemed only polite to make this entry to introduce myself, and, if anyone wishes to be convinced, to assure them that I am not a sock puppet.  If I were a sock/glove puppet I would be Sweep.   Who needs user info when this information alone strongly indicates my nationality and vintage?   For the geographically or chronologically diverse see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sootie.

Bye bye.
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